Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy:-

Our shipping policy applies to all customers who have ordered a product from our website. We recommend you read the shipping policy carefully before ordering from our website. If you disagree with our shipping policy, we request you not continue with the purchase.
Our shipping policy is subject to change from time to time. The new policy will be applicable when uploaded to the website.

Information we collect-

When you order a product from our website, you need to provide basic details, including your name, shipping address, billing address, contact number, email address, pin code, landmarks, and other details as prompted. Make sure you have entered all the information correctly.

Shipment methods-

We provide free express shipping with no minimum order limit, but in most cases, you need to make a purchase of $150 at selected locations. Our free express shipment is only available to certain countries, including North America, Australia, and Europe. We offer express delivery to other continents, but we cannot guarantee that your country and location are covered. We will confirm the shipping method during the ordering process. For other locations, we provide standard delivery.

Note: We will provide you a shipment tracking link in your mail once the order is shipped. You can click on the link to see the shipment’s current location and estimated delivery date.

You may not see the location in the express shipment until the shipment reaches your destination country. In such circumstances, clicking the tracking id will return answers like “shipment not found” or “shipment error.” We request you not panic and try the link after a couple of days, or you can contact our support team to ensure the whereabouts of your order.

Reshipment Policy:-

You can be entitled to a free reshipment or return if you received damaged or expired items or didn’t receive the whole order. You need to request that within seven days of receiving the product. You can do that by going to the “my order” page on the website or contacting our support team directly.

If you haven’t received the product yet, your delivery status says “product delivered successfully” you need to contact us immediately or within seven days of delivery.

If it’s a mistake from our side, we will send you a free refund or reshipment. However, if it occurs you have given the wrong address, then you will not be given a reshipment.

Shipping Address:-

As a user, you must mention your detailed and accurate billing and shipping address, pin code, landmarks (if needed), and other information while ordering a product.

If you mistakenly gave the wrong address, you will not be given a refund or reshipment under our shipping policy. Also, we will not be held liable for any loss or damage to the delivered goods if the product didn’t arrive on the estimated time or if any other delivery-related issues occurred due to such actions.

Shipping Coverage-

We have delivery partners across the globe to deliver your order within the promised timeframe. However, we don’t deliver certain areas or pincode, either due to a security issue, non-availability of delivery partners, or legal issues from local bodies. In such cases, you can order the product using a different address, but make sure you should be the one to receive the product. You will not be entitled to a refund or reshipment if someone else receives the product on your behalf.


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